Friday Fun with Jim Williamson

Jim Williamson gives us the poop on Facebook videos, Holly Hunt, driving in the snow, and, well, poop.

Hi! It’s Friday. I’m on deadline, so I’m turning things over to my friend, ID Collection’s Jim Williamson.  Am I the only person who didn’t like his Facebook video? I felt like mine was kind of meh, which was confirmed—without prompting—when I showed it to a couple of people at a birthday party. “Can you ask for a re-edit? I feel somewhat disappointed,” someone offered. “Can you email that Mark guy. Tell him that you want another one,” another said. Sure, I’ll email that “Mark guy” and tell him.

Now let’s chat about the snow. What a mess it was getting to work yesterday! It was definitely not how many of us imagined the day would start. And my day didn’t even begin well. Having performed all of my morning chores ( I originally typed “morning duties” but for obvious reasons, I changed that), I stepped into the shower. That’s when I heard someone say, “Walk the dog again. He didn’t poop.” That lovely sentiment was followed by a pause and then I heard, “I’ve never looked more beautiful.”

I was not happy. “That is not our deal,” I replied. “You do the dogs. I do the cats. I have to get ready for work, and it is *&^% snowing, and I have a staff meeting.” This was followed by more ranting while I continued to shower. Max, of course, was long gone. It took 20 minutes by the ways—not the shower—for the dog to do his duties. Did you know that they did a study in Europe (maybe the UK) on more than 1,800 dogs and determined that they like to go potty on a north-south axis aligned with the earth’s geomagnetic field? And since this magnetic field is often in flux, that could explain all the circling dogs do to find just that right spot.  How does this help you?  To be honest,  I have no idea.

Now back to the snow. Once I started driving, I navigated turns from Exposition Park through downtown. At one point, I thought I should turn around as cars in front of me began to skid. I tried to stay back and follow safety instructions for driving in such situations. The intersections were the worst. I willed all the lights to turn green with my telepathic powers so that I wouldn’t have to stop but then I remembered I didn’t have any. As I eased up to the intersection of Field and Woodall Rogers, I heard a terrible noise. I flinched and then clinched. Thankfully, it wasn’t me. Some lady hit the guy in the truck next to me. I watched as he got out and made that face we have all made. You know the one. It isn’t pleasant. But he was actually cool about the whole thing. I could tell they were going to be okay and no one was going to try and bite an ear off, so I continued to slip on down to work.

So that was my snow event. In design news, word has it that Holly Hunt has sold her company to Knoll for $95 million cash. Sweet! That is indeed a job very well done for the talented gal from Texas who defluffed the fluff, took a curve and made it a right angle, and made contemporary chic with her refined and subtle color palette of fabrics and wood finishes. So now comes the question? What would you do if you had $95 million? Be honest. And don’t give me, “The first thing I would do is buy my mom a house.” That may be a thing you would do, but your mama probably already has a house. Tell me the very first thing you would do. Please post your comments, so we can all enjoy.

In final design news, keep a look out for all the graphic design during the Olympic games. They say the graphic designs at the Olympics usually set the tone for everything we will see in design for the next four years.  If that is true, then Radiant Orchid (by the way, did I mention how much I don’t like the words “Radiant Orchid.” Why can’t it just be orchid or purple?) will be around for the next few years. Here is one thing going on in Sochi that will definitely not take off in the next four years: dueling toilets.

So that is it. Have a great weekend.  Keep it real and beautiful.