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Splurge, Save, Score: Stone-Embellished Boxes

Go ahead: Get stoned.
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In case you hadn’t noticed, stones and minerals are hot at the moment. Seems like every store you wander into has agate coasters, crystal embellishments, and stone accents galore. (Dorky confession: As someone who collected rocks and minerals from one-time mall staples Natural Wonders and The Nature Co. as a kid, this trend excites me to no end.)

One of our favorite uses of these natural elements is on decorative boxes, which is the perfect way to blend form and function. Got some spare change or a pile of receipts uglying up your beside table? Throw them in one of these three fabulous catch-alls, and voila! Your home looks fabulous and clutter-free. The best part is, even if your budget is more cubic zirconium or Hope Diamond, there’s a beautiful option in area stores that you can afford. Here are three of our favorites.

Splurge: Aerin Small Jade Decorative Box from Neiman Marcus. Price: $2,050. The Italian-crafted, gold-leaf and jade exterior gives way to a wooden finish inside, so the box looks beautiful open or closed.

Save: Andu Malachite Box from ShopTen25. Price: $385-825, depending on size. The intricate malachite stone slabs remind us of the to-die-for wallpaper used on the master bedroom ceiling in this home, featured in the Jan./Feb. 2014 issue of D Home.

Score: Agate Jewelry Box from West Elm. Price: $49-79, depending on size. This hinged box would make a perfect place for storing trinkets, keepsakes, and important household odds and ends as well as jewelry, and it comes in two additional shades.

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