Courtesy of Mecox

Holiday Gift Guide: A Pretty Perch for the Nature Lover in Your Life

In which we reference the 1992 film Ferngully.

Your loved one is always outside, fiddling in the garden, taking long hikes, and bird-watching through binoculars. There’s not a species of bug he can’t identify and no weed he can’t kill. You’ve got an nature-lover on your hands. And they’re harder to shop for than you think, right? I know: My father’s one of these. And if your green-thumbed giftee is anything like mine, he’s already got every landscaping tool under the sun, every backyard accessory known to man, and all the outdoor gear one could ever want.

But I’ve done the impossible. I’ve found a gift my dad—and the outdoorsman or woman in your life—would love to add to his pristine yard: This beautiful Faux Bois Arbor Bench from Mecox, cast in concrete but made to look like branches that magically grew together in the shape of a seat at your command, Ferngully-style. (At least I think that happens in Ferngully. My memory from 1992 is fuzzy. I digress.) Can you honestly think of a better place to plant your bottom (see what I did there?) when you want to sit back and admire your petunia-growing prowess? Or share a sweet moonlit moment with your honey? You can’t, can you? Guess you can cross that person off your list now. You’re welcome.