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On The House With Mark Molthan: Indoor Gyms

In a climate where temperatures often reach (and exceed) triple digits, more and more homeowners are opting to add indoor gyms and recreational spaces to their home. “Indoor gyms give families and friends a convenient—and cooler—place to gather,” Mark says. “Whether you’re playing sports—think everything from dodge ball to indoor tennis—looking to exercise, or hosting birthday parties or dance parties, indoor gyms let families enjoy a variety of activities together, all in the privacy of their own home,” says Mark.


 An indoor gym can double as a media room, too, by simply adding a projector to the space, and homeowners can choose to either dedicate a whole area of their home for gym use or incorporate the one into an existing garage for a multi-functioning space.


 Mark uses a range of materials in his home’s indoor recreational areas, from plywood to padded walls to reclaimed wood (one of his indoor gyms features materials taken from a 1940s gym in West Texas).


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