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Is Slate the New Stainless for Appliance Finishes?


While stainless steel is still considered the premium finish for home appliances, accounting for 35 percent* of the kitchen appliances sold in 2011 – researchers at GE Appliances found a significant portion of homeowners are looking for something different.

GE’s industrial designers spent countless hours reviewing design trends in the kitchen, home furnishings, home entertainment products, and automotive interiors and exteriors. The result was Slate—a warm, grey metallic with a low-gloss finish that is a natural complement to the wide spectrum of wall colors, countertop materials and floor and cabinetry finishes found in homes today.

“As people transition their kitchen appliances over time, it was important to find a finish from a palette that is timeless and harmonious, yet distinctive,” said Lou Lenzi, director for GE’s Industrial Design Operation. “Slate is a universal, neutral finish that will suit consumers who want a premium finish that can complement or even replace stainless steel.”

Inspired by the rich texture and appearance of stone, Slate has a deep, warm and inviting look that exudes refinement and sophistication. GE’s new Slate appliances are finished with bold, brushed metal touch points, such as handles and knobs – offering yet more contrast and interest. And maybe most compelling in the argument against stainless . . . it resists fingerprints.

*Taken from the 2011 Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers Color Report.


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