Help an Editor: How Much Are These Scissors Worth?

scissorsThe fine folks at sister publication D CEO just wheeled their chairs over with this fancy pair of scissors in hand. Being the inquisitive types that they are they’d like to know more. Being the nice people we are, we offered to help. We just know there’s a reader out there who can channel their Antiques Roadshow knowledge and solve our scissor mystery. Or perhaps a proper antique appraiser can chime in.

How much is the pair worth? What year were they made? History? Hilary and Bradford are solid reporters, so they of course did a little internet recon before turning it over to us. They found a pocket knife with the same pattern circa 1910. They also noticed a boot kicking a ball on one of the blades. The name of the company etched on the other blade is Bonsa. That’s all I know so now I turn it over to you. Drop your knowledge in the comments section. (Bradford and Hilary, I’ll collect my 10 percent.)