Friday Fun With ID Collection’s Jim Williamson

dolce289It’s time for everyone’s favorite, ID Collection’s Jim Williamson. Is everyone doing the rain dance? I know I am. I was also dancing as fast as I could this morning to get ready for work because I overslept. Had it not been for a NYC friend’s text at 6:56 a.m. with suggestions for hotels, I probably would have continued to sleep.

As always, it has been a crazy week. I finally ordered new chairs from Roche Bobois for Max. That decision was made after too many store visits and at least 40 butt tests. I also worked on orders for fabric for a designer working on a private aircraft. We are talking a head-of state kind of VIP. I tried to configure a custom stone table top that weighs about 900 pounds for another designer. I also got some new furniture pieces for the showroom and planned a trunk show, book signing, and cocktail party for October. (Deets pending.) All deadlines are fast approaching.

I was wound pretty tightly when I arrived home last night. But when I walked in, I was greeted by three furry faces, and I began to relax. Then I walked to the kitchen to see if I had any mail—that is where my mail is placed. Laid out on a lacquered tray were three very important items: the new Barneys catalog, a new Barneys card, and an informational card letting me know about a 75 percent-off sale at Bergdorf. I immediately entered Fall Fashion Heaven.

Later, over pizza and beer at Cane Russo, Max asked, “Did you see the mail? I thought for sure you would have gone bounding around the neighborhood, waving that new card like you had just won Publishers Clearing House.”

“Well, secretly, I was super excited and I had already marked a few pages in the catalog. But seriously some of that stuff would look whack on most people!” I said. “But then I noticed that the card was in your name. So that tamed my excitement.”

“Since when has that mattered?” Max asked.  He really is the best, and I told him how nice his hair looked.  (It never hurts to tell someone that his hair looks nice.) But then this morning, when I was making coffee, I went to grab that little card and get to clicking, and it was gone! Was it all a dream? The catalog was there but no card! So I asked Max where it was.

“I’ll be keeping that safe for you until we actually get to New York,” he answered.

Curses! Foiled again!

What should you do this weekend? I think you should do the gallery crawl in Deep Ellum on Saturday night. You’ll see lots of great art and tons of great people. Get out and enjoy our first attempt at actual fall weather. Have a great weekend. I’ll be busy trying to locate that Barneys card!