We Asked Designers Breck Woolsey and Charles Taylor Five Questions

team_02.ashxEarlier this week I mentioned that the duo behind design firm Breckinridge Taylor, Breck Woolsey and Charles Taylor would be at Mecox tonight from 5-7 sharing a preview of their Collective 3 Design furniture line.

In advance of the big reveal, I sat down with the masters of modern glamor (think high-gloss lacquer walls, cerused woods, brass, lucite, and grasscloth… Oh my!) to get some insight into their design psyches.

Herewith five questions from our conversation.

1. How is Collective 3 different from your existing furniture line?
Collective 3 is specifically for Mecox at this point.  We are working with them to design private label pieces for them exclusively.  In the future we will be designing for other retailers, but for now, C3 is Mecox’s line.

2. What were some of the inspirations for the new line?
Cerused oak in different colors, a lot of geometry and interesting angles, new finishes from Phillip Jefferies and metal coffee, side and dining tables in an array of styles.  Everything comes from a 20th Century perspective.


A Collective 3 desk and credenza at Mecox.


3. Can you each share your favorite piece from the line?
Charles: I really like the Cerused Oak Desk.  Simple, clean lines and can come in any color you can think of…I almost built a pink one for the show, but chickened out.

Breck: It’s hard to pick, but I’m excited about our metal deco coffee table.  It’s in a really nice aged gold finish.


4. What’s your dream collaboration?
In terms of designing furniture, we’d like to do something with/for Thayer Coggin. There is a history there that we’d like to be a part of. We’d also love to design a collection with/for Jean De Merry in LA.

5. Is there something that you guys always include in every design project that you do (a go-to item if you will)? If so what is it and why should I go out and buy it immediately.
We tend to use Oushak rugs in almost everything we do.  They are easy to blend into just about any environment/style and are soft, well made and colorful without being overpowering…the antique ones are best.