Monica’s Five Things: For The Table

5 things forty five ten

Tablescapes are always changing. For breakfast with the fam it may be plain and bare, and for your party that night your tables may be decked out in extravagant floral arrangements, mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres, or towering candelabras. Regardless of the occasion, there are some staples your tables must always have. Thanks to Forty Five Ten, those basics can go from “blah” to “TA-DA”. Jump for the details.

1) For the vanity: This Kelly Wearstler Oblique Jewelry Box ($825) is a work of art in itself. Talk about making your most beautiful pieces feel right at home! If I could wear the box too, I would.

2) For the entry table: We all know about the chevron trend, but this Paul Schneider Chevron Print Catchall ($200) easily translates to a classic piece thanks to the artful hand-painted chevrons.

3) For the dining table: Give your regal tablescape a modern twist with these Kelly Wearstler Memphis Marble Candlesticks ($695). The black and white stripes are neutral enough to work with any room, but loud enough to make a statement.

4) For the bar: Please, put down the keychain bottle opener and pick up Kelly Wearstler’s stunning Bejeweled Bottle Opener ($425). Can you tell I’m obsessed with Wearstler’s style?  This stone-studded accessory can make opening the cheapest of beers feel fancy. (But please, don’t drink cheap beer.)

5) For the coffee table: Behold, the coffee table book to end all coffee table books! (For those of you who follow my posts, you know how obsessed I am with these. I think my apartment contains 50-plus coffee table books.) The book, Rhapsody ($295), profiles Kelly Wearstler’s latest designs and reveals the myriad inspirations that fuel her imagination and her dazzling design work. Its so gorgeous, I wouldn’t even care if it was actually the Twilight books compiled into one big, beautiful book. (Well, maybe a little. Sorry Stephanie Meyer.)