Hilary Walker Launches Our Style Stories and Reminds Us To Keep It Simple

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Our lovely D Home blog contributor Hilary Walker is here this week with a little William Morris-inspired action for our reading (and viewing) pleasure. I’ve long been a fan of Morris’ adage to, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” So in homage to his wisdom, before we get to Hilary’s lovely post, I’d love to throw out a little challenge of sorts.

Send me a snap of the single item in your home that you deem the most beautiful and useful (it’s all about form and function friends), and I’ll pick a few to share here on the blog!

Ok, Hilary…take it away.

By Hilary Walker


The past several weeks have been nothing but pure hustle. As you know, I’ve been preparing for the launch of my new online venture, Our Style Stories. It’s been a doozy! So, in thinking about this week’s post, one idea kept coming to me.

Keep it simple.

Don’t be fooled, “simple” doesn’t mean easy. And simplicity in your interiors doesn’t have to mean stark, bleak, and cold. Rather, keeping things simple at home really means weeding out those pieces that are superfluous and concentrating on the things that are most useful, impactful, relevant, and meaningful. Everything else goes!

Let’s take, for example, the scene above from the home of Sara and Rocky Garza. They could have easily cluttered up the mantle and coffee table with a variety of knick knacks and tchotchkes. But instead, they chose each piece deliberately. The chandelier was built by Rocky (impactful), the artwork is from Sara’s grandmother (meaningful), the coffee table is also the work of Rocky (useful), and the accessories on the mantle are pieces collected from Sara and Rocky’s travels (relevant). (Be sure to check out the rest of Sara and Rocky’s gorgeous home here.)

So, take a look around your own place. What’s most useful, impactful, relevant, and meaningful in your home? What’s not? Now edit accordingly! Honestly, keeping it simple just might be the fastest track to a stylish home.