Hilary Walker Finds Home Inspiration in Her Scarf Stash

DSC_0052 copy
Our lovely D Home blog contributor, Hilary Walker, is here this week with perhaps the easiest 2-minute home zhush in the history of, well, home zhushes (that was a mouthful). I’ll let Hilary take things from here…

By Hilary Walker

Inspired by Christine Visneau’s Dallas home, I decided to try my hand at a certain styling method that Ms. Christine skillfully used in her own home… specifically, the scarf on lamp method (seen in this post). It makes sense that Christine, a talented fashion stylist, would choose to use a fashion accessory to decorate. What a brilliant idea! Rather than place the scarf on top of my lamp, though, I reinterpreted her idea by loosely tying a favorite scarf around the neck of my lamp. And boom! Just like that, I have a jazzy “new” lamp in less than 5 minutes.

Which got me thinking… what other cool ways can I use fashion accessories to decorate my home? Let’s open this up for discussion. I want to know your secrets!