5 Things: Spice Up Your Entryway

5 things Calypso

D Home intern Monica Lake is hitting up her favorite local home/gift/accessories stores with her shiny new Canon 6D (a recent college graduation gift) in tow. She’ll shop the store, snap some pictures, and report her five favorite things. Stay tuned each Friday for her picks. For this post in the series, she shops Calypso in Preston Center.

By Monica Lake


People tend to forget the importance of their home’s entryway because many times, its not an actually a room. Sure, it’s a place to drop your keys, hang your purse and kick your shoes off, but it’s also everyone’s first impression of your dwelling place.

The good news- you don’t have to remodel and build a Downton Abbey-esque foyer. Whether you have a room, nook, or simply a wall, my picks from Calypso Home are sure to make visitors envious of your entryway. Jump for the details.

1) The simple yet chic Paule Marrot Teal Beads textile archive ($3,250) gives an artistic touch to your walls, and the neutral coloring is sure to fit in with the rest of your home décor.

2) This unique, artisan crafted Courchevel console table ($1,599) gives off a traditional vibe with its classic shape, yet maintains excitement with the unexpected gesso finish.

3) Call me crazy, but this thing is cool. Instead of having a bowl of nuts out, why not have a bowl made out of nuts? Arrange this Peanut bowl ($45) on top of a sweet coffee table book on the console table for a finished look. Now you won’t forget where you last left your keys. (“Honey, do you know where my keys are?” “Of course, they’re in our handy peanut bowl where they always are!”)

4) Add just the right amount of drama with the Zebra Printed Goat Skin rug ($265). The contrast of the print adds some flamboyance to your floor without going color crazy. Plus, animal prints are so in right now.

5) For instant elegance, a chandelier always does the trick. My favorite item from their store is this Coquette chandelier ($1,100), which marries style and class with the timeless candlestick lights and the modern glass baubles. I would hang this in every room if I could.


  • Nice ideas most people make a decision on a home purchase in the first 2 steps inside the home.

  • Wow! the peanut bowl idea is just so awesome!!!