Wisteria + Three D Home Contributors = Inspiration

WisteriaWisteria asked three lovely D Home contributors – market editor Joslyn Taylor, associate creative director Jamie Laubhan-Oliver, and staff photographer Elizabeth Lavin – to pull, style, and edit a vignette for the local home goods company’s website. The task? Pull furniture and accessories from the product line to create a room they’d want to live in. The result? From Joslyn: “A moody, sophisticated loft for an artist in New York.”

I’m sure you’re wondering how exactly they pulled it off. For starters, the three type-A creatives pulled together inspiration pictures and collaborated on the vibe of the room. They worked for a week flushing out room dimensions, looking at paint samples, and pulling accessories and art from their own homes to compliment the aesthetic of Wisteria’s furniture. On installation day, the trio styled bookshelves, added their personal touches (a lamb fur throw, for instance), and created their masterpiece in three hours.  That’s quite a feat for three distinctive personalities and visions. “We didn’t even kill each other at the end,” says Joslyn.

You can shop most of the items here. The sunburst sconce is mine, all mine.