Hilary Walker Has A Spot of Tea


By Hilary Walker


The past several months have been a blurred frenzy of work, and I’ve been in desperate need of restful moments. Like, for instance, a hot cup of tea with a friend. And, you know what? That’s exactly what I finally did a few weeks ago.

Now, before I get into the benefits of entertaining house guests with tea, I should pause to share just what it is that’s been keeping me so busy. It involves interior design, a tad bit of fashion, and people with really great style… right up your alley, I know!

For the past 6 months I’ve been preparing to launch a new blog. If you follow me on Hilary Inspired, you’ll soon discover Our Style Stories, a new online venture all about the connection between a person’s style and their story via profiles, interviews, and home features. Needless to say, I’ve been meeting a lot of very creative, inspiring folks along the way!


One such person was Colleen Whitver who served me the most delicious cup of black tea during my visit to her home this spring. Who knew something as simple as a cup of tea could set such a lovely tone? Honestly, she could have lived in a very boring house (which she did not) and I wouldn’t have even noticed.

The lesson in all this? Don’t fret if your living room is a bit untidy, your landscaping isn’t pristine, or your furnishings aren’t the latest and greatest. Serve a beautiful cup of tea with care and affection and you’ll make a very stylish impression indeed!

Here are a few things you may want to have on hand:

  • – A tea kettle
  • – Tasty tea bags or a loose leaf blend
  • – A teapot
  • – Cups and saucers
  • – A tray
  • – Cream
  • – A cream pitcher
  • – Honey
  • – A few stirring spoons
  • – And perhaps even a table cloth (if that’s your style)


Happy hostessing!


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