Seven Stellar Things In Store at West Elm


Prior to my gig here at D, I worked in corporate America for nearly 14 years. And while there were certainly many perks to my job (i.e. international travel, an office with windows, a pension — old school, I know), sanctioned “shopping” during the work day wasn’t one of them.

But as the market editor for a shelter magazine, I need to know what’s, well, out in the market, so in this job, “shopping” is actually “scouting.” And, yet, earlier this week I found myself at the West Elm desperately searching for hand towels to replace the shoddy ones that currently reside in my guest bathroom (I’m hosting a party for 60 at my house tomorrow, so the hand towel situation required immediate attention) and feeling guilty for shopping in the middle of the day.

But then I thought, hey, I can multi-task here, I can get those pretty Hammam hand towels, thus avoiding massive hostess embarrassment, and do my job. At which point, I went all Sheryl Sandberg on the situation and leaned into my purse to retrieve my iPhone so I could snap photos of all the things I was “scouting” in the “marketplace.”

The end-result? Those seven beauties above. All at the West Elm in Mockingbird Station right this very second. All completely awesome. All likely coming home with me at some point in the near future…

Just doing my job friends. Just doing my job.

The Goods:

  • 1. Mottled ceramic pitchers — I have no idea what these are actually called, as they’re not online yet, but I’m seriously digging their whole Commune Design/Adam Silverman feel.
  • 2. Ikat Squares pillows — So pretty in person…and the pink feels earthy, not twee.
  • 3. Huron outdoor chair – I love the Calatrava-esque vibe of this woven cord stunner.
  • 4. Marbleized Cylinder planters — I want to replace every pot on my patio with these beauties. Full stop.
  • 5. Copper and wood twine holder — This is another in-store only find, and I want it bad (even though, given the fact that I have never actually used twine for, well, anything, I have no idea what I would do with it).
  • 6.Wood and glass vases — Also not online, and maybe not even vases, but awesome nonetheless.
  • 7. Paper flowers — So festive. In mass, they would be fantastic for prettying up a wedding shower or graduation party. Oh and the entire lot is 20% off in store.