Need To Spruce Up Your Kitchen? Take A Peek At Hilary Walker’s Easy DIY

fridge magnets

Our lovely D Home blog contributor Hilary Walker is back to help inject a little glam into your pad. This time she takes on the kitchen (well, actually the fridge) with a fun DIY.



By Hilary Walker

By now you know that there’s no place in your “first nest” home that I consider off limits for a little improvement, and that includes your refrigerator door!

It’s been high time for some fridge door sprucing up around my own house, so, inspired by a similar idea on my DIY Pinterest board, I decided to take a few minutes out of my life for the easiest DIY project you’ll try all year. (Really.)



  • — Thrifted stud earrings
  • — Bracelet jewels
  • — Circular magnets
  • — Multi-use glue
  • — Wire pliers


Earring Magnets 2

While you’re out thrifting for killer second-hand furniture, pick up a few pairs of stud earrings that strike your fancy. Most thrift stores have plenty of quirky, vintage styles. If necessary, supplement your earrings with some jewels from a local craft store. I picked my string of bracelet baubles on the clearance rack at Michaels. Pry and clip any earring studs or attachments from the backs of your earrings and jewels. Then glue your circular magnets to the backs of each and let dry.

Earring Magnets - before after

It really is as simple as that! Now use your stylish new magnets to hang mementos on your fridge (and while you’re at it, you might as well remove those 2-year-old holiday picture cards).

Let’s be fair… even your fridge deserves a pretty face!


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