Hilary Walker Susses Out Art and Design Books at Not So “Arty” Prices

design_booksI am all about a good stack of art and design books. (You might even say I’m a stackaholic.) The challenge? Finding said books for said stacks without dipping into my daughters’ college funds.

Luckily, our lovely contributor Hilary Walker is here with a solution.


By Hilary Walker

Some say a home is only as good as its book collection. I’d actually expand that notion a bit to include amazing art and music collections too. But in the interest of keeping things manageable, let’s focus on the tomes, shall we? After all, a well-attended book collection is certainly a beautiful and smart enhancement to any home.


I’m a visually oriented person and so, naturally, find myself attracted to books focused on visual topics… design, art, photography… (preferably bound in eye-catching covers). But, like good art and music, gorgeous, collectible books can be incredibly expensive. So here’s my insider tip for all you first-nesters out there (ed: or you “older” nesters out there saving for your kid’s college education) with an interest in an artfully curated book collection.

Half Price Books!

It’s truly a book-lovers heaven. And yes, their prices can easily be half off (or more) of those in other retail stores. The collection is also amazing, with vintage books you wouldn’t come across at your local big box book store.

Art books at Half Price Books

So, drop any woes you may have previously had about high-priced art books and get yourself to your nearest Half Price Books.

*Designers tip – consider the spines of your books when arranging them on a shelf or table. Notice the rainbow of colors on my coffee table stack? Color, typography, and texture are all factors worth paying careful attention to.

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