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These Land of Nod Storage Baskets Are Just The Thing to Assuage My Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies

By Joslyn Taylor |

Much like the lovely Carissa Byers, I am not so much a fan of the clutter. Granted, I don’t posses her steel will when it comes to purging possessions (or acquiring them in the first place for that matter), but I’m trying friends, I am.

In the meantime, my M.O. is to stash everything away in boxes, baskets, and bins (I live for a good box, basket, and bin), and luckily there’s no shortage of stylish, functional ones to chose from. Earlier today I spotted a post on Jenni Kayne’s always awesome blog Rip and Tan featuring several chic neutral specimens that would look fantastic in a den or living room. But for the kiddos’ room, I’m digging these “Charming Baskets” from Land of Nod. A whimsical riff on the African baskets spotted on Jenni’s blog, they’re big, sturdy, and, at $45 and $89 respectively, they won’t break the bank.

I’m in.