Obsessed: John Derian’s Faience Wall Hanging

I tend to believe that even the most mundane of items (glass bottles, rocks, inexpensive white dishes, embroidery loops) can become wildly chic when massed together (collected if you will).

I’m not talking twee, dust-attracting collections here friends… No, the look you’re going for is something more “merchandised” and intentional. (Think the amazing store displays at Anthropology and Forty Five Ten, and you’ll nail it.)

The plate wall is a perfect example of this many = awesome formula. I mean plates, in and of themselves, are pretty pedestrian objects. But a mass of plates, arranged just so, against a dark charcoal wall (à la Kelly Wearstler’s killer Viceroy Hotel masterpiece above), feels downright inspired, yes?

Ok, so recreating the look with a little IKEA, a smattering of Crate and Barrel, and some vintage would be easy (and inexpensive), but let’s say you want to take things up a notch and you want to do it fast (i.e. the perfect plates magically appear at your doorstep). Well for that, I would highly recommend heading to neimanmarcus.com and procuring John Derian’s 12-piece “Faience” wall hanging. It’s pricey at $1,795, but thinking of it as a room-transforming work of art makes the price tag infinitely more palatable. (At least that’s what I’m telling myself.)

Happy hanging.