Loom Decor and Studio Bon/Emily Summers Design Face Off at the FLOR Dallas Design Challenge

In need of some mid-week plans…a fun design-minded activity for you and your BFF, perhaps? I have just the thing. Head to the new FLOR store on McKinney Avenue tomorrow, March 27 from 5:30-8 p.m. for their Open House & Design Challenge.

Dubbed the FLOR Dallas Design Off, the event features two teams of designers competing in real time to create unique room vignettes using FLOR tiles mixed in with other furnishings and accessories.

A team made up of the founders of Loom Décor (Ashley Baker, Nichole Ocepak, and Jessa McIntosh) will face off against a combined team which includes Bonnee Sharp and Jackie Williams of Studio Bon Textiles alongside Kristin Fegale and Delphi Luna of Emily Summers Design Associates.

While you’re partaking in cocktails and tasty treats courtesy of FLOR, you’ll be able to watch the ladies flex their design muscle as they create their vignettes. It’ll also be a chance to get some expert advice gratis, as the designers will be taking questions as they work.

You might even walk away with a gorgeous new rug, as both vignettes will be raffled off at the end of the challenge.

See you there!