Your Alternative Valentine’s Day Plans

Let’s say, hypothetically of course, that you’re not so much a fan of going out on Valentine’s Day. Suppose you think braving crowded eateries for overpriced, sub-par meals is the least romantic thing you can fathom. Perhaps instead you might consider a little gourmet food action to-go. It’ll be easy; in fact, we have it all mapped out for you, courtesy of the seven local foodies we profiled in our Jan/Feb issue of D Home.


  • 1. Hit Bolsa Mercado for ice cream by Lauren Leone. I mean what’s more romantic than kicking the whole thing off with dessert?
  • 2. Grab some bread from Clint Cooper’s Village Baking Co.
  • 3. Oh and some pasta from Julian Barsotti’s Carbone’s
  • 4. Don’t forget the cheese. We’d highly recommend something from Paula Lambert’s Mozzarella Company. (Bonus: you can grab this while you’re getting the ice cream at Bolsa Mercado.)
  • 5. Pick up some Biscotti from EMA Baking Company to eat with the ice cream.
  • 6. Nab a few bottles of wine from Benjamin Calais’ Calais Winery.
  • 7. And last but not least more ice cream (you really can’t have too much) from Carnival Barker at Jimmy’s Food Store.

Now grab a little clutch of anemones from Central Market, head home, light some candles, and get to the romance/family dinner/girl’s night/however you roll.

Happy Valentine’s Day!