Pretty Paper Flowers For A Cold, Dreary Day

It’s not so cherry outside, so whattya say we offset the grey with a little flower action? Our lovely D Home blog contributor Hilary Walker has just the thing… Enjoy!


By Hilary Walker

Is it just me or are you beginning to feel a strange stirring, itching, yearning for the outdoors too? I can’t decided if it’s the tips of green grass and daffodils surfacing around my yard or the occasional unseasonably warm day we seem to be having here and there, but, either way, it’s apparent that Spring is inching closer. And what better time to touch on a favorite subject of mine for today’s blog post — flowers for money-savvy decorating.

I stopped by a floral arranging workshop last week hosted by West Elm and taught by floral wunderkinds Adam and Alicia Rico of Bows and Arrows to pick up a few tips for this season.


They had some clever tricks up their sleeves, namely paper flowers. Yes, paper. You heard me right. Not the most expected element, I know. But you wouldn’t believe how beautifully and seamlessly they worked when paired with other fresh specimens.
Here are a few perks (according to Adam and Alicia) to consider when working with paper:

  • — They’re easily malleable.
  • — They require no water.
  • — They add an unexpected element.
  • — They last forever (the best part).

Reason enough for me! Who else is on board with paper?
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