Love Notes: Robyn Siegel

Did you catch Wednesday’s Love Notes post with guest Jessa McIntosh from Loom Decor? If not, get it here. Today we’re welcoming Robyn Siegel, an art advisor based in Dallas. She works with clients and companies throughout the country on approaching and collecting art. Her area of expertise is in the contemporary market with a focus on emerging talent. She’s also gracious, sweet, and smart–is there a better combination of attributes? Her husband Michael owns the popular food truck Green House (more details about the truck’s brick and mortar plans below), so the couple dabbles in the local foodie scene as well. When she’s not jet setting to Los Angeles or New York to work with clients and artists, you can find her on bike number 18 at Flywheel Sports. Her Love Notes are below.



Read about Robyn’s picks after the jump.

Green House Market: “Green House Market at NorthPark Center this Spring. (It will be overlooking the interior park). Drawing cues from NorthPark’s timeless program, GHM has worked with Buchanan Architecture to create a modern market, chock-full of fresh food and high design. Think light and clean, stones and wood.”

Sean Kennedy: “One of my favorite new artists, he is entering the next frontier of art. He is hanging the picture frame from the ceiling and placing everyday, readymade objects on the frame. From below it looks like a photogram, but from the side, it is a three-dimensional sculpture. See image for Untitled, 2012.”(Acrylic glass, wood, aircraft cable, turnbuckles, eyescrews, compression sleeves, colander, bake pan, wire pot stand, pepper shaker, hand towel stand, steel bowl, saucepans, frying pans, stir fry, stew pot, BBs)

The Seaweed Bath Co.: “All-natural seaweed bath products are my must-have for moisturizing dry winter skin and detoxifying the body after a busy week. The lavender scented lotion is my personal favorite but they also have body butter sticks that are easy to throw in a bag for immediate relief. Available at Whole Foods, Central Market, and Natural Grocers.”

Randy Guthmiller Sculptures at the Nasher Store: “Randy is a local Dallas artist that the Nasher Store will be featuring during the Ken Price exhibition (opening this weekend!). He calls this tactile line “sculpture.” They look like hard pillows to me. Price- $50.00-$250.0.”

Blu Dot Woodrow Bed @ Nest: “Maybe it’s the flu season that has got me craving a snuggly bed, but I can’t stop thinking about the Blu Dot Woodrow Bed. You can’t beat walnut paired with simplicity in the bedroom.”