Let Blue Print Spruce Up Your Space

We’re awfully big fans of Blue Print. Part of the appeal of the cozy decor mecca on Fairmount is the spot on mix of decorative accessories, design books, original art, and refurbished vintage furniture. The other part is the way all that aforementioned goodness is arranged in compelling little vignettes throughout the store.

We’ll now the lovely folks at Blue Print are offering to do the same for the rest of us with their new on-site styling services. For an hourly fee, a member of the Blue Print staff will visit your abode to “assess and prioritize your needs, help capture a vision for a particular space and put together a proposed plan on how to achieve your desired look.” They can do a full house overhaul or just help with simple tweaks (that make a huge impact) like rearranging furniture, de-cluttering, re-working bookshelves and tablescapes, placing art, and picking paint colors.

Very cool, yes?

Contact [email protected] or 214.954.9511 to make a private appointment.