Hilary Walker On The Power Of Collections…And Color

This week our lovely D Home blog contributor Hilary Walker talks creating curated collections and the visual impact of grouping your finds by color. And that blue scene above? Well, it makes me want to hit some vintage shops this weekend to start my own blue collection.

Take it away Hilary.


By Hilary Walker

If I had a dime for every time I passed by a charming collection of color coordinated accessories and thought “how perfectly lovely”… well, I’d probably have enough loose change to have created a similar collection myself.

There’s something especially catching about collections of items grouped by color. I think it’s because they have more impact simply by merit of their consistency and numbers.


And surprise, surprise… It doesn’t take much cash to create a similar look in your own home. All you need is a clear idea of the color you want to work with and a willingness to constantly be on the lookout for accessories that fit the bill. (Think colorful coffee table books, vibrant vases, and boldly saturated bowls and jars that fit your scheme.) I highly recommend scouring thrift stores, used book shops, flea markets, and low price point shopping centers.

This particular blue vignette is the work of Sam Sano for the stylish Sam Stewart (there’s power in grouping names too apparently), which I snapped while on location for a recent “Style Story” shoot. This small corner of Sam’s bedroom absolutely popped when I first walked into the room. The shade of blue is at once energizing and calming, and each piece in her collection supports the overall color scheme so perfectly. One piece on it’s own could have been boring, but the whole group together made a beautiful statement in the room.

It’s decorating by color… and it’s anything but childish.


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