The Paloma Fabric By Rodolph Textiles Is Haunting Me

There’s no denying the room-transforming properties of a killer fabric. Even small pops of something big and bold, like, say, the painterly “Paloma” by Rodolph Textiles (pictured right), can bring an otherwise staid room to life.

Ok, ok that intro was just my attempt at easing into a confession that I’m struggling to come to terms with.

Friends, I am obsessed with that Paloma fabric.

Here’s the struggle. I usually don’t like color, or print, or prints in color, and yet… I can’t seem to get those flipping’ birds and all that ochre/sienna/maize/eggplant goodness out of my head

I’m headed to the Allen Knight showroom (they just finished remodeling their Rudolph Fabrics area and installing their lines) later this week to visit my beloved Paloma in person.

I’ll let you know how it goes…