Love It and Leave It: Abbe Fenimore

There is nothing better than a clean slate. And that is exactly why I adore the stroke of midnight on January 1 to which I say, “Out with the old and in with the new.” This usually involves cleaning out some closets, ridding my cupboards of junk, and making lists of more enriching ways to spend family and friend time. Also on my list: what can I bring in (and phase out) to make my home more up-to-date, comfortable, and happy? After all, with an almost-one-year-old with a very early bedtime, there are many, many nights my husband and I spend at home cooking, relaxing, and enjoying. So, we want to make extra sure we’re loving the space we live in.

So, I’ve called on my favorite local home bloggers to tell our dear readers what they’re leaving behind in 2012 and what they’re embracing in 2013. I hope you’re inspired.

First up is the adorable Abbe Fenimore from Studio Ten 25. She’s got her hand in just about everything from a successful interiors business and blog to a cool online shop where I could spend all day browsing and plotting my wish list. Below is her curated Love It and Leave It list.

Jump for Abbe’s thoughts on the trends.

Leave It:

Greek Key: “I’m still a little torn on this one, but I’m thinking it’s time for a new graphic sheriff to come to town. Although classic and chic, this little guy is a bit overexposed.  I think I will try to keep this one in my back pocket while exploring other options this year.”

Over-the-top glamour: “I will be the first to admit that I am a serious glamour loving girl, but I think it’s time for this trend to take it down a notch. Swooning over the gorgeous and way over-the-top Hollywood Regency rooms online and in magazines is fun, but I don’t have any clients that want to live like that.  They all want bits and pieces of this style but are never ready to commit to going all out with it.”

Hicks Pendant: “I think this one has to be one that I’m ready to see go. I love this piece and understand why so many others do too, but it’s time to move on….seriously…everyone move on.  I think once a piece becomes “knocked off” this many times, we really must let it go.”

Chevron: “What can I say about this one? I’m dizzy from all of the zigs and zags on chevron rugs, pillows, wallpaper, and fabrics. I say chevron has worn out it’s welcome.”

Keep Calm & Carry On: “Seriously? How many version of this can they make? Keep calm and eat cupcakes, go shopping, dance, decorate and on….and on…and on….”

Love It:

Fashion and Fabrics: “I love seeing some of my favorite fashion designers make the move to interiors. Ankasa Home’s new fabric line from Beacon Hill is a stunning collection from fashion designers Sachin and Babi.”

Brass: “We have seen brass make a come back over the past few years and I think it will continue to make an impact. I love that it can compliment any aesthetic from masculine, eclectic and glamorous.”

Tribal: “I think we will see more of this look with pillows, rugs and accessories this year. They can range from bold neutrals to colorful graphics and can really make your space feel instantly curated while still being chic.”

Furry Friends: “Foxes, dogs, rabbits and even exotics like leopards and snakes are a trend in fashion that I am loving right now. I think we are going to see more of these furry friends continue to pop up on accessories and art.  From wood carved deer heads, paper mache elks and resin antlers, this trend is for sure on my radar for the upcoming year!”

Gemstones & Agates: “I loving seeing these glitzy natural elements as bookends, paperweights, and even gracing the top of a chic acrylic box. These beauties were starting to pop up everywhere in 2012 and I think they are here to stay!”