Hilary Walker Goes Vintage Furniture Shopping

(Treasures spotted by Hilary at Past Perfect in Fort Worth)

Our lovely D Home blog contributor Hilary Walker is back with more second-hand shopping goodness. This week she weighs in on the merits of vintage furniture and some of her favorite places to find it in Dallas-Fort Worth.


By Hilary Walker

Let’s keep our conversation about second-hand furniture going for another week, shall we?

If you’re not one for sifting through the layers of thrift “trash” to reach the treasure, then vintage furniture shopping may be more your style. You’ll still encounter an element of treasure hunting, but the options to choose from are much more edited. For instance, you probably won’t find too many bins of used bedding or shelves of kitschy nick knacks (half of which are plastic and cheap) at your local vintage store. What you will find is an array of vintage pieces with individual flair from a wide range of eras and in various conditions.


Most appealing, in my opinion, about vintage furniture shops is that they’ve already done much of the initial grunt work for you by weeding through the mess and curating a collection of goods with real potential. Your job is simply find the piece you love most and determine just how you’ll spruce it up and use it in your home. Easy, right? (ok, well less difficult, at least.)

If you’re having trouble seeing the diamond in the rough though, I’ve found that many shops have enthusiastic employees who love vintage too and would be more than glad to share their two cents about what would be awesome in your space and how to improve the piece. All you have to do is ask.

Now, be forewarned. You may not pay the rock bottom low prices of thrift stores when you shop vintage, but where price point is a compromise, you’ll win on quality and design.

We have an abundance of cool vintage and antique stores in Dallas, many of them perhaps right under your nose! Here’s my short list of goodies:


Happy vintage-ing!!


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  • marion

    Great idea. It is true that sometimes going through the thrift store items, the chances of the special find can be more challenging. Thank you Hilary.

  • I think that you can’t underestimate the value of going to an antique shop for your treasure hunting over a thrift shop. I like to research antique shops online to find reputable, helpful stores and then trust them to do the research for me. It lets me skip all the junk and fakes out there and pick right from the good stuff. You can definitely still find a deal too if you stay flexible and look hard enough.