Design Dilemma Of The Day: What To Do With an Unused Formal Dining Room?

My dear friend has a design dilemma: What to do with her only-used-twice formal dining room? She has a spacious kitchen that opens to the den. Playroom? Check. Her breakfast table is where she dines with her family of three, and she usually heads to her mom and dad’s North Dallas abode for big family affairs. So, she has no use for her formal dining room. She wants to get the most out of her square footage, so she is thinking about turning the dining room space into a sitting room with a casual, lounge-y vibe. Ya know, a place where her friends can chat while the kids (or men) play in the den. Or maybe a quiet and cozy spot to read and relax. I know there’s got to be a design guru out there who can assist. Ready, set, comment!