Can A Pantry Makeover Change Your Life?

Ok, maybe “change your life” is a stretch, but after embarking on some pretty serious pantry beautification efforts last week for a piece in the Spring issue of D Moms, I can report that every time I reach for a Le Parfait Terrine canning jar full of raw cashews, I am filled with joy.

There’s just something about a well-organized pantry (or closet or desk drawer), stocked with with lovely containers efficiently housing all the random crackers and raisins and general flotsam and jetsam, that makes an otherwise harried, slapdash, chaos-filled life (i.e. mine) seem more manageable.

Outfitting the space with all the various beautifiers does come at a bit of a price, but, trust me, the rush of euphoria you’ll get the next time you open your pantry door is more than worth the cash.

The Goods: