With Holiday Decor On Every Corner, Caitlin Adams Is Craving Some Minimalism

In her latest “Get The Look” installment, Caitlin Adams is jonesin’ for some soothing decor to temper December’s glitz overload…Enjoy!


By Caitlin Adams

Now that I am surrounded by holiday decorations, I am longing for a clean, minimal space that is void of glitter and excess wrapping paper. Don’t get me wrong; I love the holiday season and everything that comes with it, but this time of year has my brain doing somersaults, and strings of greenery and flashing trees has aren’t doing anything to help.

So I let out an audible sigh when I saw this kitchen above. The natural colors and copper pendant couldn’t be more perfect. And I know the horn accessories have been a little overplayed, but I still love them and continue to add to my collection. They just scream “Texas,” don’t you think?

Follow the jump to see where you can pick up each of these products right here in Dallas.

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