The 12 Days of Gifting: Duo

Today’s gift wraps up our 12 Days of Gifting. Hopefully the gift ideas inspired you to shop for some fabulous local goods to place under the tree. Or maybe you’ll add some of some items to your list for next year! Sidenote: The D Magazine empire office is closing its doors until next year. We wish you a very merry holiday and a happy New Year!

Tracy Rathbun & Lynae Fearing, co-owners of Duo

Gift Recommendation: Haute Hostess Apron

Price: $175 to $350; $75 for the Little Hostess girls apron

Why do you recommend this gift? So unique! This is a hand-made couture hostess apron. Definitely not something you receive every day!

Who should I buy this for? Perfect for your friends who don’t cook. Order up our food to go and place on your platter. Put on your fancy apron and start entertaining!!!