Ten Things That Inspire Storage Wars Star Mary Padian

Things around the office are winding down, peeps are starting to trickle out to partake in some holiday recharging, feasting, and general lazing about. But there’s still time for a little inspiration. (Heck, there’s always time for inspiration, yes?)

Enter the lovely and talented Mary Padian. She of the Design District treasure trove Mary’s Finds and the starring role on Storage Wars: Texas. She inspires us. Big time… Herewith ten things that inspire her.

  • 1. My necklaces — I rotate between four necklaces depending on my mood. There’s a vintage pearl necklace I found recently amongst piles of trash in a storage locker for Storage Wars: Texas. This is my pick when I’m going for a classic, pretty, ladylike look. There’s the antique locket I found in a bag full of beads, vintage chains, and parts on the side of the street when I lived in New York. It’s what every hopeless romantic hopes to find: The real deal. There’s the “Hoopla” necklace that I made years ago from random beads and pearls I had lying around. The hanging crystal piece I found in that same bag of trash I found in New York. (Don’t be afraid to jump out of your car next time you see potential treasure on the side of the road. You never know what you may find.) Finally, there’s my Barbara Adler handmade, 18-karate yellow gold Banana necklace. It’s is cool, chic, and simple. Oh and it goes with everything.
  • 2. Marrakesh Design Tiles — These tiles would be perfect in a pool house or an mid-century modern home.
  • 3. ISO50 Prints — I love all the prints in ISO50 shop. They are cool, retro, and reasonably priced. I want to cover my walls with every one they have to offer.
  • 4. Bookhouathome — I love these well-designed (and well-priced) bags. I’m planning to give them to all my BFFs for Christmas this year. My faves are the Triangle Day Bag and the Zip Tote rain/waxed bag.
  • 5. The Selby — Anytime I need inspiration I go here first. Always. It’s my go-to place whenever I need to get my creativity going or am stuck on what to do with a piece. The Selby Is In Your Place book by Todd Selby is always within my reach too.
  • 6. Abigail Reynolds — I am completely smitten with artist Abigail Reynolds’ cut and fold photographs.
  • 7. Katy Beveridge — I just discovered this very cool London-based designer. She creates animations by assembling paper cutouts that fit into the wheels of bicycles. Her snowflake-like designs produce captivating animated visual effects that look like factory metal gears, growing plumes and other abstract forms. Her video is must see.
  • 8. It’s A Gift by W.C. Fields — Growing up my dad was always watching W.C. Fields movies, and as a kid I remember having no interest in them because they were B&W not color! Now I understand the greatness of this comedic genius. Watching the 1934 classic, It’s A Gift gets me thinking outside the box.
  • 9. Re-Found Objects — I am obsessed with everything in this London shop. It’s stuff that is rare, recycled, rescued, and restored. Everything is designed by RE or locals.
  • 10. Gold Metal Recyclers. I go here on at least a monthly basis for inspiration and mostly to get inventory for my shop. Owner Kenny Goldberg has been a family friend for years, and the entire operation over there couldn’t be made up of nicer people. I find a majority of my treasures here.