Rugs from Tufenkian and IKEA to Transform Your Kitchen

I am a bit obsessed with kitchens that don’t look like, well, kitchens. (So much so, that I’ve created an entire Pinterest board devoted to the topic…) While not exactly practical, I dig an otherwise utilitarian space tricked out with furnishings usually seen in the living room. After all, where do the bulk of your guests end up at every party you throw? Yep, the kitchen. It’s the hub; it deserves to feel special and cozy (or at least hang-worthy).

A big glittery chandelier, upholstered chairs, and framed art are perfect foils for the more practical aspects of that fetching kitchen above photographed by Vincent Leroux for Marie Claire Maison, but it’s the luxe rug that takes things from good to great. I regularly troll eBay for tattered kilim runners to put in front of my stove and sink. I also like IKEA’s Persian-inspired Valby Ruta runner. It’s durable, and at $30 you won’t be devastated if it becomes a causality of last night’s spaghetti dinner.

But if you really want to pull out the big guns, might I recommend one of the 2×3 Tibetan woven rugs currently on offer at the Tufenkian showroom. (Think designs from Barbara Barry, Vicente Wolf, and Laura Kirar handmade in Tibetan wool and silk for about $100.) With one of those one-of-a-kind lovelies hanging out in your kitchen, you may just want to move your bed in there too and call it a day.