Benno’s Buttons Will Change Your Life

I have yet to wrap a single Christmas present — nada, zilch, zero. But, this weekend it’s going down, and (surprise, surprise) I have a plan for exactly how I want those currently unwrapped presents to look.

It’s sort of a high/low situation involving lots of low-frills white paper + an assortment of luxe ribbon in varying shades of green, not unlike that beauty above spotted on I’m also hoping to master the “perfect bow” that Chatelaine provides the instructions for, but, given that heretofore my bow-tying skills have proved less than stellar, my expectations are low on that front.

However, given the recent introduction by my friend Janet to the awesome Benno’s Buttons on Inwood, I am confident that my ribbon will be splendid. Friends, Benno’s is insane. The place is bursting with present-beautifying goodness, an extravaganza of ribbon, trim, and, yes, buttons (lots and lots of buttons).

I recommend a visit. Stat.