Young House Love Bloggers Descend on Dallas

Wildly popular Young House Love bloggers, Sherry and John Petersik, descended on Dallas this weekend to promote their new tome. We enlisted our lovely intern Sarah Bennett to check out the scene. Herewith a recap of her adventures. Enjoy!


By Sarah Bennett

Something big happened on the Dallas home décor scene this weekend. The bloggers behind Young House Love swung by West Elm in Mockingbird Station to promote their new book by the same name. When I got there, the line was wrapped all the way around the parking lot on the side of 75.

“I think that they’re relatable,” one patient soul commented.

If you’re not familiar, Young House Love is a home renovation blog run by husband-and-wife team Sherry and John Petersik. They also have an adorable daughter Clara and dog Burger that make frequent cameos. Since beginning projects on their home in Richmond, Virginia, the duo quickly realized they were onto a full-time job. If you want to know anything about home improvements, from DIY headboards to gutting an entire kitchen, these are the kids to ask.

So what’s in the book, you ask? Each chapter is dedicated to one room in a house. Each section takes on a different project for that room, highlighting a ballpark of cost, work, and (most important to me) time. One of my favorite ideas was making butterflies out of old book pages and pinning them to the wall with sewing pins. How cute for a child’s room? I wasn’t the only one who thought so. “This would be perfect for my daughter’s desk,” one woman said, flipping through her copy while waiting in line.

Finally, I made it inside the store and gawked at the Christmas décor around me while I waiting out the final minutes before the big moment. When I reached Sherry and John, it became clear why I had waited for two and a half hours to see them. John was warm and friendly, and Sherry has the voice of a Disney princess. Seriously, I though bluebirds would be chirping around her head.

The couple’s cheerfulness echoes throughout the book, which is encouraging should you decide to retile your backsplash. You’ll be glad to have the cheerleading.