Turn Your Bedroom Into A Cozy Zone

It’s starting to finally feel a little like Fall here in our fair city (well at least until this weekend when we’re apparently going to hit the mid 70s again…boo). And, for me, cooler temps are the perfect excuse for burrowing in my bed with a massive stack of magazines. Of course the burrowing is far more enjoyable when you have a cozy space to do it in. A space like, say, that beauty to the right, spotted by our lovely D Home blog contributor Caitlin Adams.

As always, Caitlin put her design sleuthing to work to help us create a similar space… Get those magazines ready.


By Caitlin Adams

Do you tend to neglect your bedroom décor like I do? I am always on the hunt for the perfect pillow for my couch or another eclectic vase, that I often abandon my own room altogether and it turns into a dumping ground for clothes and coffee mugs.

I have decided to give my bedroom a little extra TLC in the next few months, so I went to my trusty inspiration blog: Elements of Style. I plan to make my room more of a relaxing oasis to spend quiet evenings, and I knew Erin’s expert eye would have a plenty of ideas.

This bedroom is a little different than my usual taste, but it reminds me of my visits to France. It gives off a cozy, clutter-free vibe that I am craving. And those fur pillows? I can’t think of a better way to snuggle up when the temperature (finally) starts to drop for good.

Here’s the full low-down on how to get the look.


Happy shopping!