Thanksgiving with Lisa Garza: The Tools

I’ve always wanted full access to a chef’s kitchen. I’d peek inside their cupboards to see what they use to whip up meals at home. I’d steal cookbooks and recipes cards that are marked up with their hand-written notes and ideas. I’d even go so far as to look inside their refrigerator to see what they keep on hand. Basically, I’m a voyeur. And a thief. So instead of getting arrested I decided to just ask a chef. I turned to Lisa Garza, owner of Sissy’s Southern Kitchen and Bar, to tell me what she cooks up on Thanksgiving and the things she uses to do so. Today I bring you her favorite tools. Hopefully these ideas will come in handy for future entertaining purposes, too. Check back tomorrow for her delicious recipes for five spice turkey and squash casserole.


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1. “Metal mixing bowls are a restaurant staple,”  says Lisa. “I have about 20 in various sizes at home. They’re affordable, durable, and lightweight. I use the small ones to prep for recipes and keep salads super organized.” Mixing bowls from Williams-Sonoma (Set of 5/$49.95)

2. “I love using Michael Aram’s pieces to stage canapés. They’re beautiful, yet functional works of art.” Michael Aram olive branch cheeseboard at Neiman Marcus ($119)

3. “I make tons of soups and one pot meals in mine—it’s the working woman’s best friend!” Le Creuset French oven at Le Creuset ($305)

4. “A must-have appliance for perfectly emulsified dressings and soups. It’s also a great tool for bakers when cutting butter into shortbread and pie dough.” Cuisinart food processor at Sur la Table ($159)

5. “The number one tool for any cook is a knife (see below) and a cutting board!”  Plastic cutting boards at Sur la Table ($24.95)

6. “It is a proven fact that a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife because it requires less pressure and is less likely to slip—slipping is the most common cause of cuts.”  Shun knife at Williams-Sonoma ($249.95)