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On The House With Mark Molthan: Wallpaper is back – in a big way!

If you want to make a lasting impression, go for wallpaper -it’s back and making a huge impact. Let go of your preconceived ideas of wallpaper. Today’s designs are modern and on trend. Instead of hanging expensive art, use wallpaper to create a focal point. This particular Elitis wallpaper is what made me fall in love with this brand. They have several neat, sophisticated patterns which make them my current go-to. I promise I don’t get a check every time I mention them. It’s legit people.

I’m not a TV connoisseur, so to speak, but I do know that I like a big picture and loud music. I wasn’t overly obsessed with the acoustics for this space. Rather my goal was to make our media room more of a usable common area that was centrally located. A media room doesn’t have to be a cave. I love the light that pours into this space. Black out curtains can quickly change the atmosphere so I don’t see permanent midnight as a necessity for a media room.

This space not only houses our media room but also a pool table and this wet bar. I’m always touting the payoff of taking a risk and I think this space paid off in a big way. Is it cool? Is it trendy? I think it’s both.  The light fixtures will date. Actually, a lot of the wet bar will date but for now it’s a fun spot for everyone to hang out in.  And when it’s time – a new fridge, a fresh coat of paint, and new light fixtures are an easy adjustment that won’t break the bank.  For me, this was the perfect place for me to take a risk and have fun.


See more at www.platinumserieshomes.net or check them out on Facebook.


  • eli

    Trippy! I have long wanted to frame old wallpaper sheets as art pieces. This is impressive and brave!

  • I hope it never comes back, nothing is worse than trying to remove dated wallpaper.