Obsessed: Reinaldo Sanguino Ceramics at The Nasher

On a recent spin through the Nasher store, I found myself in a moment of serious coveting. The object? These graffiti-embellished Reinaldo Sanguino ceramics above. Now let me pause here to say that I am not typically one to covet. Sure I like (ok love) beautiful things. But I see a lot of them in my line of work. A lot. If I were in the practice of coveting, I would spend pretty much every. waking. moment. in a state of want.

And that’s just a bad scene friends…on every level.

So it has to be something really (really) stellar to the inspire the level of longing that occurred when I stumbled upon those Reinaldo Sanguino creations. Let’s just say, I am 100%, wholly, and completely smitten.

The Venezuelan-born Sanguino currently lives in New York City and shows his works in both one-person and group shows throughout the United States and Latin America. He’s won all manner of national and international grants and awards and has pieces in the permanent collections of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston among other institutions.

Oh and he has a cache of stunning works available for purchase mere blocks away from my place of employment.

I covet them regularly.


  • Christina

    Seriously amazing. In terms of price, are they completely out of reach?

  • Christina
    The pieces run from $350-$1600. A bit pricey, but for art, definitely reasonable!