Mary’s Finds Annual Hoopty Sale (And My Fondness for The Word Hoopty)

I am a fan of the word “Hoopty.”

It’s fun to say… it just sort of rolls of the tongue, and well, it might also be a spot-on description of my first car (but I digress). So based on the name alone, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be making my way over to Mary’s Finds for her third annual “Hoopty Sale” this weekend.

As seen above, Mary will have all her goods (including a slew of auction wins scored by team Mary & Moe on Storage Wars: Texas) marked 50-75% off.

The action goes down this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10-4 and is strictly a cash only enterprise, so be sure to come prepared.

P.S. Mary was D Magazine’s November “Person of Interest.” Not so hoopty, eh?