Lovely, Abundant, And Affordable Fall Decor (Hint: It’s Right Outside Your Front Door)

I can understand the impulse to get your holiday decor up as soon as possible. It’s festive and fun and just plain pretty… But I don’t do it. No, I’m an advocate for giving Fall its due, so I don’t put up that real tree and fresh garland until, wait for it… after December 1.
I realize I’m in the minority here, but I can’t help feel that November is for reveling in all things autumnal. So Hilary Walker is speaking my language in her latest installment of “Feathering Your First Nest,” as she embraces the simple beauty of fall leaves used as seasonal decor. Enjoy!
By Hilary Walker
For Thanksgiving, my husband and I made our usual trip home to Tennessee to visit family and friends. Besides catching up with some wonderfully dear people, one of the things I look forward to most when visiting “home” are the vibrant fall leaves.But if you don’t catch them at just the right time, you miss out all together on the colorful quilt that nature sews across Tennessee’s beautiful rolling hills. And, so it was when we finally arrived just before Thanksgiving… mostly bare trees everywhere. I was so disappointed.
On our way back to Texas after the holiday, we stopped off in Hot Springs, Arkansas and, wouldn’t you know, all it took was a few hundred miles in a Southwestern direction and the trees were gorgeous! By the time we reached Dallas, it was obvious the change in season was just now hitting our town. Since settling back in, I’ve become obsessed, much like I did as a young girl growing up in Tennessee, with collecting freshly fallen leaves and keeping them to dry. Several handfuls and rough cuttings of crunchy leaves can now be found placed on most open shelves and surfaces throughout our house. Turns out these gifts of nature make beautiful seasonal decoration and the options are not only inexpensive but incredibly easy to come by… simply take a step out your front door and have your pick. And one of the best things about Fall leaves as decoration? They don’t spoil like fresh flowers. (I know I’m not the only one who appreciates this fact.)
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