Hilary Walker Wants You To Cover Your Plants (Or Bring Them Inside)

Hilary Walker is back this week to help us get ready for the cold temperatures that are nearing. She tells us how how to “feather our first nest” by bringing the outdoors in (with a little help from our very own Joslyn Taylor). Take it away, Hilary!


by Hilary Walker

Have you been watching the weather recently? It looks like Dallas is finally in for some Fall/Winter temperatures!! Brace yourselves all you “seasonal affective disorder” victims out there. Less sunshine and shorter days are officially here.

For those of you with a green thumb and enthusiasm for the outdoors, this means covering up your plants or perhaps even bringing them indoors to protect against damaging frosts and chills. In preparation, I can think of no one better than Joslyn Taylor, D Home‘s very own Style Editor, to give us inspiration for bringing the outdoors in. I visited her home last month to photograph it for my Style Story series on Hilary Inspired. Words can’t say how lovely it is (or at least not mine) but a few good photographs do a decent job. Take a tour through her Dallas home and reap the rewards of having stylish friends to inspire and the vast internet to see it all through!

When resources are low and decorative flexibility limited, indoor plants are an excellent option for elevating a space beyond it’s dreary state. I like to think of them as the perfect cure for the Winter blues. It’s time to stock up, friends!!

Some go-to resources for great house plants:
Sunshine Miniature Trees
Nicholson Hardie
North Haven Gardens
Calloway’s Nursery