Feathering Your First Nest: Hilary Walker Pulls Together a Perfect Gallery Wall

Last week our lovely D Home blog contributor, Hilary Walker, shared a few snaps she took of my home. In this week’s installment of her “Feathering Your First Nest” column, she uses an image from my daughter’s bedroom (right) as inspiration for creating her own gallery wall.



By Hilary Walker

I believe that very often art is the true personality of a home. Sure, the wall colors and fabric choices speak to your aesthetic sensibilities, but art is wonderfully personal and incredibly revealing. If you don’t have a few pieces of meaningful art in your home right now, it’s time to make that a priority!

If you’re thinking, “art is expensive and will cost me a fortune!”, I’ve got some news for you… some art is expensive and will cost you a fortune. But thanks to some fabulous resources such as Art.com and Etsy, you can now find beautiful and unique works of art online that won’t require a second mortgage. Support burgeoning artists + grow your art collection on a budget = the best kind of WIN-WIN scenario in my opinion. And let’s not forget antique malls and thrift stores for potential art sources. You’d be surprised what you might run across, and chances are your neighbor won’t be displaying the same piece of art anytime soon.

Now, on to the task of displaying your collection. There are several options but one that I’m particularly fond of is what I like to call the “gallery wall” or “art cloud” similar to the one that Joslyn created in her daughter Audrey’s bedroom (above). Framed specimens of nature, soft watercolors, old-fashioned art prints, typography, and unique sculptural elements mix together to make a lovely display of personal style and charming personality. I blogged not long ago about a few tips worth keeping in mind when tackling a project such as this and you can read the full story here.

As additional inspiration, here’s a collage of lovelies I found online in a similar fashion to Joslyn’s wall above.

So…how will you arranging your new art collection?
And frames: FJALLSTA Frame and NYTTJA Frame

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