Decorating For the Holidays: Which Camp Are You In?

Ornaments at Nova Collection.

There a few theories regarding decorating for the holidays: get it up as early as possible versus wait until at least December 1. We know where Joslyn stands. We’re in the former–I always put mine up the Sunday after Thanksgiving, or it just won’t get done. There’s also the question of: do I decorate or hire someone? I know some who prefer to do their own interior decorating, but hire out for the exterior (especially Christmas lights). A few lunching ladies last week said it was on their ultimate wish list to have someone come in and decorate their entire house for the holidays. For those of you who fall in this camp, consider Nova Collections. Their holiday decorating services include custom design and installation for your trees, wreaths, and garland. You can check out their goods at the sample sale this Saturday at their store, 132 Cole Street, from 10 am to 4 pm to shop ornaments and ribbons for a buy one get one deal. They’re also slashing prices off last year’s holiday decor at a 75 percent discount. It doesn’t matter which camp you are in, you can’t deny that’s a deal!