Pia Wustenberg’s Stacking Vessels at Nest

I popped in Nest last week to do a little gift guide shopping for the holiday issue of D Home. It was such a treat to have buyer and store manager Donald Fowler guide me around the store. We talked trends as he sprayed me with perfume, put rings on my fingers, and tried totes on my arms. For the holidays, expect more private-label food items, cool gadgets for your iPhone, ceramics from Allison Evans and Alice Goldsmith, and trusty favorites from Michael Aram and Missoni. (I even jotted down some things for my personal holiday wish list. This for my daughter, this for my husband. Oh yea, and me.)


But, the standouts of the day were the new stacking vessels ($865) he’s carrying from Pia Wustenberg. Fowler met the German-Finnish artist in London through one of his vendors in Nigeria. Donald says, “I was in London trying to find her little studio. I was walking down a cobblestone trail on a very drizzly day. It was very Dickens-esque.” Wustenberg crafts the pieces in three parts using three different techniques. First, she turns the ceramic on the base of the vessel. Then, she blows the glass to fit in the ceramic piece. Finally, she turns the wood to fit on the top like the perfect puzzle piece. The functional vessel can be displayed in your home as one piece, two, or three separate little sculptures. They’re definitely a conversation starter—I know Fowler would approve.