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On The House With Mark Molthan: A look inside the expert’s house with guest designer, Blake Molthan.

Being a nine year old with a rockin’ room is a rough gig, but somebody’s got to do it. Luckily for us, Blake Molthan was up to the challenge. According to Dad, Mark Molthan, Blake is a risk taker. His youth and free spirit set him apart – he’s not afraid of making mistakes.  Maybe we should all follow Blake’s lead. Go ahead; jump on your bed, live a little!

Bold personalities often have bold tastes, and Blake is no exception.  The Elitis wallpaper you see here was originally intended to be a loud, in your face, fire engine red. Blake wasn’t scared – Dad was.

So Mark gently encouraged his creative offspring to choose a second, more, ahem…subtle selection. Ferrari yellow wasn’t quite what Mark had in mind, so again, the designer was encouraged to make a third and gray selection. “Sometimes you have to prevent designers from making mistakes,” Mark tells us.

Though he hasn’t even hit double digits, Blake is a man who knows what he wants.  Well, let’s say he’s the kind of man who sees something he likes, and knows he wants it. I think we can all relate. This was the case with the ceiling fan that sister Molly first selected for her room. Although it was a point of contention, Blake insisted he have it too. He would not be ruled by women! Not yet, anyway. This hanging bed was inspired by a similar one Blake saw in one of his Dad’s showrooms. He knew he had to have it the minute he clamped eyes on the chained beauty. Using a heavy-duty lighting chain and a platform bed, the look was recreated. Strong enough for a super-hero, custom made for Blake.

Mark had a sports-themed bedroom when he was younger and wanted to bring a little bit of that into his own son’s room. The floors are made from a reclaimed basketball court purchased from an old school, with a pattern created using a stencil and stain. Blake may not have been the mastermind behind this grand plan, but he’s definitely a fan of Dad’s work and didn’t request any second selections.

Blake’s dreams of fire engine red would materialize in other (less permanent) ways that were within Dad’s comfort level while still meeting the designer’s needs and expectations.  Enter the red comforter, which nicely complements the (also red) cubbies.  Mark has told us before and he shows us now, too much of anything is not good. Moderation is the key.

Blake sleeps soundly in this room comforted by his rebel pirate throw and his snuggly lucky dog. Suffice to say, Dad and designer make a great team.


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  • Eli

    Hi. Can someone identify the bedside table for me?

  • The bedside table is from West Elm. As is the desk chair.

  • Eli

    I’m not sure which I love more, Blake or THOSE FLOORS!

  • Kelly Oleson

    Love the bed. Amazing.

  • Blake

    Sorry, but the chair & side table ARE NOT West Elm as cool as they are. I should know- I work there. The rhino head, origami pilows & Sedgewick recliner are from West Elm.

  • Loren Means

    Correction: The bedside table and desk chair are from Vinya Design and Consign. http://www.vinyadallas.com/ Thank you, Blake!

  • Way cool bed. Nine year old what about a 40 year old?

  • Barbara Browne

    Blake……….I love your new digs!
    Aunt Barbara