Obsessed: Santa Maria Novella Incense

I have a sweet spot for incense. It’s sort of the Talitha Getty of room fragrance…just so much cooler and exotic than the ubiquitous candle.

It can, however, quickly veer into a cloying, smoky mess faster than you can say patchouli. The key is being very, very selective when you purchase it. No cheap corner store sticks friends. You have to spring for the good stuff.

Like, for example, a box of Santa Maria Novella Autunno incense. Sure it’ll set you back about $50… a box (!), but it makes your entire house smell well…amazing. And, most important, not the least bit “cloying hippie.”

I bought some yesterday at LAFCO New York in Highland Park Village. And yes, the 103 words above were pretty much just a long-winded justification for spending $50 on a box of incense. But I have no regrets… It’s some darn good incense.