J. Alexander Home Accessories Line

I’m always on the hunt for a cute little box to hold jewelry, my daughter’s trinkets, or keys and change (usually from my husband’s pockets). These German silver boxes from Jason Lenox’s new collection do the trick. The Anteks proprietor was on a trip to Puerto Vallarta three years ago and was inspired to create the J. Alexander home accessories line made of silver and turquoise. He sources the one-of-a-kind turquoise cabochons from mines in the Sonoran Desert. Each piece includes hand-stamped details reminiscent of the Navajo designs from the early 1900s. If your style is a bit rustic, check out the rest of the line which includes products such as candlestick holders, cigar ash trays, wine coasters, and ring holders. You can find them at stores around town like Anteks in the Design District, The Gypsy Wagon, and the gift shop at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. ($69-$495).