Hilary Walker Wants You to Make Your Bed

When she last visited us, blogger and design doyenne Hilary Walker shared a bit of her floral prowess. This week, for her “feathering your first nest” series, she takes us back to basics… Enjoy!


By Hilary Walker

You want to decorate your home beautifully and interestingly, get the most bang for your buck, and make the best of what you have, right? But I know that sometimes that’s easier said than done when there are so many other things (and purchases) vying for your time and attention. But, I’ve got a simple tip that makes a world of difference.

And you’re going to hate me for it… Ready?

Make your bed every morning! (I’m starting to sound like your mother.) But, really, it works. You may not have much to spend on luxury bedding or expensive furniture, but pulling together your bed every morning will guarantee that what you have looks excellent.

My bedding is very simple. White embroidered sheets, ivory linen duvet, woven king euros, and a midnight blue accent pillow atop my vintage brass bed. If I don’t make it up, my whole room looks like a hot mess! But dedicating literally less than a minute to straightening my sheets and placing a few pillows every morning pulls more than just my bedding together. It brightens the whole room. So, until you have the means to splurge on fancy sheets (which, by the way, look amazing whether they’re made up or not), try this simple lifestyle improvement to make your home more beautiful.

In case you’re in the market for bedding, though, here’s my low-medium-high round-up for lovely bedding.

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  • I totally agree! I make my bed everyday single day and it makes my day when you come home to a crisp made bed!

  • Marion

    This is your mother, and I do not remember if you made your bed everyday…..but having known you all these years, I think I can say that you probably did! You also had a wide variety of “room configurations” in a doll house size in various places all over your room. You are doing what you love.

  • My grandmother did not play when it came to her bed. You didn’t sit on it. “Beds are for laying down.” she would say. My grandmother starched and ironed her sheets and my mother still does the same thing to this day. The bed had to be made each morning before coming to the table for breakfast. I have to admit I’m a slacker when it comes to making the bed each morning. I agree that you should make your bed every morning.

  • Wow! Tonia, that’s amazing. The most I can muster in the morning is a little straightening and fluffing. Kudos to them for being so refined and committed! I’m seriously impressed. I bet their beds looking impeccable!

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